Maintaining a love journal for your children

What is a Love Journal?

So a few years ago, i decided i would write a love book for my husband. I would write in it every day for a year and give it to him on our following anniversary.
so cute, right?

Man, i love pinterest!! It makes it seem like it was totally an original idea but alas; it was not.(insert link to pinterest inspiration here)

So what is a love book you might ask? Well, this particular book was filled with love notes, similar to journal entries(as in i dated them)

And while the goal was to write in it every day, i can tell you as a procrastinator and self proclaimed non-driven person that didn’t happen AT ALL!!
Some days(weeks went by without a single entry and some entries were just a photograph i glued to the page, some entries were song lyrics that reminded me of us, or just him, or how i viewed our relationship at the time(which is so super adorbs except for the long ass songs that took like 3 pages or the ones that had the chorus like 5X in a row)

I did miraculously keep this LOVE BOOK a secret from my dear hubby for a year but by the time i gave it to him for our anniversary it was only HALF full. i knew i should have got the small skinny journal to start!!!

So while i didnt fill up my LOVE BOOK by the time i gifted it; i thought it would be a great idea to start one for my son!!!
Since there is no real timeline on when to gift it i dont feel bad if i miss days or even weeks before starting a new entry.
Yay me for not giving myself a deadline!!

So i originally thought for this momento i would buy one of those DR.SEUSS books and give it to his teachers each year so they could write some heartwarming message to him as he grew up(insert pinterest insperation)

HOWEVER, lets be real here 1)i most certainly would forget that shit at least one or two years and 2)what if the teacher wrote some backhanded compliment or something i didnt feel was positive or what have you.

So needless to say i scrapped that idea

Then i thought “oh, how cool would it be to give him an album filled with $20 bills instead of pictures!!”

Again, not an original idea, thank you PINTEREST!!
But then i realizedwe already have a savings account where we try and save $500 a year in for him and plus(lets get real here) if i see/have an extra $20 bucks lying around that shit is gonna get spent.

Saving is so much easier when i cant see/hear/touch/smell the money!!!

Then that ludicrous idea started floating around about buying your child a domain name and posting pictures and memories to it and giving them access to it when their older. I thought who the heck has time for that nonsense and then i realized thats basically what ive done in my sons LOVE BOOK so…….

C’est la vie(that is life)
I guess i just prefer the tangible.