No Filter – This was taken inside my home next to the open backdoor


  • 275 GSM
  • WIDTH – 28
  • PRICE – $122 – $132
  • Tester was a size 2 (8 ft or 2.7 m)
Woven in Scramento, CA by a military veteran and his wife. Ryan and Kat are a family owned and operated business, they not only produce handwoven but also machine woven wraps. They are known as Tiny Tiger Baby and KHR Wraps.
Their wraps are American made and they try to source from American companies as often as possible. What is really cool and what they take great pride in; is that their wraps are made on Draper vintage looms. Babywearing The Magazine did a great piece on them where they talk about their company and looms here. 
Released February 21, 2015EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER is 100% cotton and comes in a medium grey weft or a light grey weft. When I received it, it was a lot more purple-y in person than what was shown in the stock picture. Which was strange because it never really came across as really purple in the pictures I took either. Must be a trick of the wrap!!
The name is very fitting if you have ever seen the inside of a jaw breaker (what I can only assume was Mr.Wonkas inspiration as well.)
My first impression was that this reminded me of a sarape blanket. If you are unfamiliar with serapes, you can read up on them here and here. 
Also it was super thin; which for those in warm climates we know is a BIG selling point. Since it was so thin that also meant it was extra floppy, just crumbled onto itself. 
It should be said that this is not considered a learning wrap; meaning both rails are the same color. Which if you are just beginning your wrapping journey that may be something to consider.
So we started with a Front Wrap Cross Carry, tied under bum.  There was no real stretch so I found SXS (strand by strand) tightening would actually loosen my tension. It was better for me to just tighten a top rail section and then a bottom rail section. This wrap has lots of texture so grippyness was not an issue but because of that there was no real glide. Grip, it had in spades but not glide. The width however, allowed me to get nice deep seats with plenty of extra room for along Jamies’ back.
FWCC TUB – this kid cracks me up


Next we tried a Shepard’s Back Carry. Here was where I noticed this wrap might not be for me. I found while the thinness and floppy nature of the wrap were great, the texture was difficult. It felt like once I tried to slide a pass over an existing part of the wrap, it was stuck like glue! I couldn’t move it anywhere!!! I basically had to collect as much of the wrap and all its tension in the exact place I wanted it to be in before moving on to the next pass. There really was no slide and glide factor. This also came into play while trying to tie a rebozo hip carry with a slipknot finish. There was no stretch to the wrap so trying to get a good slipknot was dare I say; impossible.

Shepard’s Carry
Robins Hip Carry TUB
(tied under bum)

I also found that doing one shoulder carries for me were painful. I’m generally not a fan of one shoulder carries to begin with; my shoulder/arm will fall asleep or go numb and some wraps tend to lay wrong on a crappily placed pinched nerve. Unfortunately this style of wrap did just that. A dig into an existing problem, yes but painful none the less. So if this is something you deal with as well (this is also why I have yet to find a ring sling I can use regularly), this particular woven may not be for you.

There is not all bad news here;  our final carry with EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER was a Taiwanese Back Carry. Which has quickly become a go-to favorite carry of mine. I decided to use this carry and go for about an hour walk around my neighborhood. I wrapped in my living room really focusing on placement and security. Not only was I comfortable while in this carry and wrap but so was Jamie. He even had a wrap nap on this walk and again because of that generous width I was able to bring up some extra fabric around his head like a hood, covering him from the rays of the sun as well. When we got home and I was able to take off the wrap (no successful transfer that day haha) we were only slightly sweaty; and with 3 passes in 80+ degree heat in California, that was FANTASTIC!!!

Taiwanese Back Carry
Does this also remind people of
Zebra stripe gum!


I would recommend EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER for the 6 month and older age group, as it really does stand up nicely to the weight of older children.
And even though this particular wrap wasn’t my jam, this was the first wrap my son went to kiss; so there is always that gleaming recommendation!
Overall, I did enjoy working with this wrap and for those familiar with this type of texture this could very easily become an everyday workhorse wrap!
I am looking forward to seeing what else will be coming from TINY TIGER BABY.


” A sweet treat with several color-changing levels that spread throughout the wrap. The colors help stimulate mental activity in both baby and caregiver, helping pursue new ideas with confidance and clarity. The colors promote harmony, peace, and wholesome feelings.” – Kat




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