• 250 g/m2 (GSM)
  • WIDTH – 27 in.
  • TAPERS – 5.5 in
  • BLEND – 100% COTTON
  • CARE – machine washable
  • PRICE – $155 s2 – $190 s7



So I’m going to be real with ya’ll, I dont know much about this company except that the owners names are Llse and Judith, they are moms and baby wearers, their company is based in The Netherlands, and its only about 3 years old.
Oh wait, I guess thats more than I thought!
What I do know is that Llse and Judith know EXACTLY who their target market is. Their wraps are simoultaneously simple, timeless, and eye-catching. They are made from some of the finest fibers, such as silk, Merano wool, Giza cotton, and linen. Making their wraps absolutely LUXORIOUS but also maintaining an affordable(ish) price tag.
And champagne tastes is pretty much my life; at a little over $200 or a little under $200 (depending on where you are on the globe) for a size 7, made from luxery fiber blends; may not exactly be beer budget money however I would willingly pay that for top quality woven wraps. 
Released July 7, 2015 as a limited edition, The NATURAL KISS has an Ecru Egyptian cotton weft and a Beige Giza cotton warp. 
GIZA COTTON is some of the finest cotton in the world coming straight from the Nile Delta in Egypt. The irregularities in this cotton are so minimal that it makes for a very smooth finish and often gives a silky look and feel when it is woven into fabrics. 
The Natural Kiss is a jacquard fabric however because of the high quality cotton used all those perfect little lipstick kisses dont offer much in terms of grip as compared to other jacquard woven’s I’ve tested.
– side note- can we just talk about those perfect little lipstick kisses?! mine never turn out this good, like who was their lip model, is what I really wanna know. 
So I first saw this wrap in its cherry chapstick colorway and loved the vibrant pink and subtle purple of it. However, I just didnt feel it connected with me. I know I’m weird here but I’m also probably not the only one that feels a wrap needs to call to me “the wand chooses the wizard harry”; if you will.
I had been looking to test a shorter wrap as my tablecloth shorty (I ended up finding to be too short) and I wasn’t really reaching for my size 6 regularly anymore. Low and behold my good friend Hillary over at BUGGLET BABY had a size 4!! The subtle ecru and beige really made for a complimentary wrap not only because I liked it with my own skin tone but also because it really went well with any outfit. And lets be real sometimes that can be a deciding factor if your going to be out running errands or what have you.
So my first carry was a REINFORCED ROBINS HIP CARRY TIED UNDER BUM (well technically knee) and man was this comfortable! Sliding the extra fabric through the robins shoulder loop was a breeze and having both the right and other right side showing always makes for a special wrap job in my book. I did find because the passes were smooth that after 10 mins of a squirmy toddler what I thought was properly tightened became easily loose.
In some of the pictures you can’t really tell its kisses at all over the wrap; it kind of looks like a cheetah print instead.
Every time I tried a torso carry it was a disaster. The pressure was too much on my boobs making them leak or I was booty tooching so much to keep him high because I thought he was too low, that my back would hurt! However, with KISSES this wrap/carry combo was AMAZING!! Jamie felt so secure and snug. My back didnt hurt and I was “milk circle” free, ya’ll!!!! That is a win/win people.
We also tried a FRONT CROSS CARRY WITH RINGS. First I should say I used large size sling rings but really should have used medium. Also I forgot to cross the back straps making an ‘X”; which would have allowed me to spread the back passes to be more comfortable. That being said; the wrap was pretty slippery in those rings, there wasnt really anything for it to grip to. So for this blend/wrap it is absolutely vital to use the proper size rings or you could have a slip out!


Overall, this wrap would be great for any age, it is super soft for newborns and with its generous width and strength of fibers works well for toddlers. What is also a huge selling point is that because it is cotton it breathes beautifully. Even with 3 passes and summer heat, you and baby both would be able to stay relatively cool.
Remember we are wrapping a warm body to another warm body after all. 
I would say there is a medium cush factor in terms of shoulder comfort depending on the carry. My biggest critique is that it is quite slippery; like a little eel.  I found if my wrap was sloppy, there was no way it would hold up to my wriggly toddler. However, if i wasnt rushed and was able to pay attention and not just use muscle memory, really focusing on strand by strand tightening; I had some of the most secure wrap jobs. I would definitely say this wrap/blend is more for the experienced wrapper than the novice. The learning curve to wrapping is steep and no one needs additional discouragement becasue your passes keep sliding down!! 

This is really a beautiful wrap and I’m very much looking forward to trying other blends and prints from PINKNOVA!!

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