Easy feel products Soft structured carrier, Abstract Mosaic, standard size, close up

A close-up of the gorgeous fabric and IKAT print!


  • MATERIAL: 100% handwoven heavy bottom weight cotton
  • BODY PANEL WIDTH: 14.5 in
  • BODY PANEL LENGTH: 15.5 in.
  • STRAPS: 1 in. thick(Curved shape)
    • smallest setting: 22 in.
    • Largest setting: 42 in.
  • WAISTBAND: 1 in. thick (Dense compressed foam)
    • largest setting: 30 in.
  • BUCKLES: Single adjust
  • HOOD: attached hood with hood ties (hidden pocket for storage)
  • CHESTCLIP: yes
    • smallest setting: 5 in.
    • largest setting: 17 in.
  • PFAs: yes
  • SEAT DARTS: yes
  • SIZE: STANDARD and TODDLER ( 15 lbs. – 44 lbs.)
  • PRICE: $89 – $109

Easy Feel Products has been a company that has offered mainly cloth diapering needs for about 2 years now. Recently, Shikha Garg, the owner and creator behind Easy Feel Products has ventured into the world of soft structured carriers; with the help of her mom and a small yet amazing tailoring team in India. Don’t let the young age of the company deter you because these carriers are extremely well made, super comfortable, beautiful, and competitively priced.

From my brief interactions with Shikha; she is genuinely open to providing the best fit and care to her customers needs. She is warm and friendly and all of those great attributes extend into her business interactions as well as her social media chatter group: Cuddles and Snuggles with Easy Feel.

I mean how ADORABLE is that group name!!

Scenic view of a lake and Easy feel soft structured carrier

We had a lovely afternoon out at Santee Lakes in San Diego. Abstract Mosaic looks just as stunning as the lake!


All their carriers are made with woven 100% cotton bottom weight fabric, and are up to the American Society for Testing and Materials; specifically code ASTM F2236-14.

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE* Easy Feel Carriers are for 15-44 lbs; they are NOT FOR NEWBORNS.


I received a travelling tester of Abstract Mosaic in a Standard size.

I immediately wrote down my first impressions after taking this carrier out of its package.

Thick shoulder strap padding- I really liked

Very firm waist padding- I didn’t like

Wide waistband- iffy; similar to Tula ~not short person friendly~

Waist pocket- LOVED

Great fabric!!


My first impressions addressed I started my time with Abstract Mosaic slowly. I was still preferring my Liliputi SSC and was using that frequently. However, when your toddler starts bringing you the carriers he wants for Uppies; you listen!

9 times out of 10, the Easy Feel carrier was what my son wanted to be in!!

The fabric felt like a wrap conversion ( I actually thought that it was at first) and not only was it visually stunning in it’s IKAT  print but it was surprisingly lightweight and really had great airflow. I don’t believe Jamie or I had any issues with overheating or sweating in Abstract Mosaic.

I loved the fact that it had a cute little waist pocket. Closer to where the belt clipped instead of being in the middle of the waistband was definitely a preferred placement option for me. I found it to be just big enough for a debit card and that was about it. Definitely not large enough for my Iphone plus.

Image showing a soft structured carrier buckled around the waist. No child is in it; the wearer is showing off a small waistband pocket.

When your outfit matches your carrier! #crushedit #babywearingunicorn

The wide waistband, I thought I would have the most issues with, was actually a feature I was most thankful for. I was wrong to compare it in it’s entirety to Tula. While it is similarly wide and a bit uncomfortable (while in a front carry) with it’s unfortunate placement falling closer to my lady bits than my actual waist; the similarities end there. The dense compressed foam which  I originally thought would be hard and uncomfortable, was indeed quite moldable and formed nicely around my body. Also, it held up very well to my toddler, keeping it’s shape and not folding under the weight of him. Allowing the carrier to continue providing me proper lumbar support, even after a few hours of wearing. This became a very important feature for my husband as he had back surgery a year ago and it has been difficultfor him to find a comfortable fit in any carrier since then. While his babywearing periods are short and few, he agreed this feature was extremely comfortable on his back!

The thick shoulder strap padding was also a fantastic feature. It really molds well to the wearer and has nice bounce back! Easy Feel’s SSC straps DO NOT have a criss cross option but their curved shape, forgiving plush thickness, and overall weight distribution; I didnt feel this was a missed option.

When I requested to try this new company’s SSC, I had not measured my son before it was in transit so i believed he would fit the Standard size. I quickly realized I should have first requested the Toddler size instead!

Soft structured carrier, Easy Feel Products, Abstract Mosaic

Just a smidge too small.

~My two year old baby apparently had grown into a tall little boy!!!! Where does the time go????~

So, Jamie at the time of this testing was 33 inches tall and about 27 pounds; so the standard size was just a bit small for him. The body panel came just under his armpits ( if you have a leaner, you know this can be an issue) however, Easy Feel uses great grippy webbing and even with a leaning toddler those perfect fit adjusters(PFA’s) didnt budge! The same could not be said of my time with a Madame GooGoo carrier.

Jamie was also just  a smidge too big for the width of the body panel to go knee to knee. What was still nice was the cushy and thick leg padding. So even though he wasnt sitting with perfect weight distribution he was very comfortable withouht any fabric digging into his thighs.

I almost forgot to mention the attached HOOD!!! It is so cleverly concealed in a hidden pocket at the top of the body panel! Tandem Trouble has a great image of this over at her website! It has hood ties that you attach to hood clips on the shoulder straps and is generous enough in fabric to act as a sun shield but also a proper hood.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Easy Feel Products Toddler size SSC, I just know I will enjoy my time with it even more given the proper fit for my two year old!!!

Lake view, soft structured carrier, Easy feel products

Our day at the lake, really was such a beautiful backdrop to Abstract Mosaic.



There are just a few things I would change given the chance. Even though I feel this carrier is petite friendly (the shoulder straps go down to 22 in.) I feel if those straps could go down to 20 in. that would be absolutely perfect! Maybe, this could be accomplished by allowing even more room for the PFAs to tighten the straps at the top of the body panel. Or, maybe, by adding dual adjusters on the straps under the wearers arms.

Also, I love the idea of a waist pocket and I really prefer the Easy Feel placement decision; however a little more fabric forgiveness with the pocket itself would be beneficial. Once the carrier is on the wearers body the pocket became really tight and you could only put a debit card or ID in it. It would be nice to be able to at least put a set of car keys in it as well.


Overall, I loved this carrier. There were minimal things I would change and with the proper size for my child; I am positive any discomfort I may have had would be alleviated! With a price tag of $89 for a standard size or $109 for a toddler; I am beyond excited to have an Easy Feel Soft Structured Carrier as part of my very own babywearing stash!!!

Look at that great back carry height!!!

Look at that great back carry height!!!



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